Behind the scenes photo by Frau Anika
Les Gastons is an artist collective founded in 2014. We have set ourselves the mission to communicate complex sociological and psychological topics. Film offers us the unique possibility to create levels of empathy that could not be reached with any other medium.”
Creative Producer

Selina Oczko

Selina Oczko is a creative producer and artist from Germany. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in „Media: Conception & Production“ at the Hochschule Rhein Main in Wiesbaden. Since 2017 she contributes her skills to the film crew Les Gastons which she gained through her work in various filmmaking departments and own film projects. This also launched her career as a commercial producer and storyteller. She worked for different national and international clients.
Conception, Producer

Niklas Braun

Niklas Braun is a German art director and marketeer engaged in interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of art, film, branding and music. After working in music, art and cultural projects for many years, he came into contact with the medium of film through Julie Gaston and Robin Benito when their idea to start a film collective had just sparked. Ever since then Niklas and Julie became an inseparable team behind the preview monitor. Having studied Business Administration and Finance, he also has an eye on the business side of things and therefore is intensively involved in all creative and structural processes at Les Gastons film.
Storyteller, Directress

Julie Gaston

Julie Gaston is a German artist, actress, performer, film director and storyteller. Her artistic practice focuses on exploring and exposing the hidden structures and influences of social and psychological constructs, which are interwoven with the web of human existence. Her work has been shown in numerous group and solo shows at national and international exhibition venues and film festivals. Julie is the founder and creative head of Les Gastons Film.
Cinematographer, VfX

Robin Benito

Robin Benito is a product designer and vfx artist, currently based in Offenbach, who enjoys conducting creative research, analyzing information, with the aim to visually translate complex information into intriguing and shareable storytelling. Since Robin completed his Design Diploma at HFG Offenbach, he is successfully working as a designer, creative director and videographer for various clients. He is the co-founder and technical head of Les Gastons Film.
“Our mission as filmmakers is to explore selected facets of being human. We want to show moments and events that touch us on a deep level without forcing an interpretation or evaluation.”
Reach Out
Sales, Project Management
Luca Frischkorn
Producer, Technical Supervisor
Jan Czmok
Unit Manger
Hugo Yi
Assistant Director
Sofia Igel
Pedagogy, Child Care
Aline Ashraf
Press, Marketing
Anna Schindler
Mazlum Altingeyik
Tim Seger
Robert Bogs
Cinematographer, Gaffer
Marcos Barahona
Fabian Schulz
Sound Design, Sound Mixer
Kevin Sliwinki
Sound Design, Composer
Philip Boss
Boom Operator, Sound Mixer
Sebastian Dorn
VFX Artist
Sven Voß
Title Design
Ricardo Ponche
Title Design, Graphic Design
Simon Walter
First Assistant Camera, Camera Operator
Fabian Sprey
Assistant Camera
Nathalie Rehberger
Timon Osche
Best Boy
Tillmann Zizka
Andre Windolf
Simon Shares
Art Department
Maria M. Reimers
Make-Up Artist
Lisa Mercedes
Make-Up Artist
Tina Wild
Tobias Wunderlich
Vanessa Dahl
Unit Manager, Continuity
Anne Haas
Hair and Make up
Rüya Yueskel
SfX Make up
Zehra Berber
Anika Maihöfer